Baby, it's a wild world

6 June 1988
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I l♥ve...

...it when people smile real, genuine smiles that light up their whole face and make you smile back at them.

...how young children aren't racist or sexist or homophobic because they haven't been taught how to be yet.

...the way dogs wait for you at the front door when you're not home because they are just that loyal.

...how good your bed feels after standing for a long time or in the morning when it's cold and you're supposed to get up early.

...the smell of home-cooked meals and flowers and soap and rain heavy in the summer air.

...clouds when they're big and puffy and the sunlight streams through them in a way that makes me want to believe in heaven.

...delicious cold smoothies in the summer and equally delicious hot chocolate in the winter.

...the sunrise, and the sunset, and all the sun in between.

...the soft sounds of guitar strings and piano keys.

...how kittens purr like little rumbling engines when they're happy.

...listening to songs that make me want to sing in the middle of the street at the top of my lungs no matter who's watching.

...moms that hold their little kids' hands.

...lightning that's bright and terrifying and sounds like it's ripping the sky apart.

...dancing in my room when no one's watching and the music is really loud.

...taking pictures of bright-colored flowers over and over again even if i know i'll end up deleting half of them.

...clothes straight from the dryer that are warm and smell like comfy.

...painting with my fingers.

...nostalgia and falling in love in the summer and falling in love in the winter.

...it when people are nice to each other even when they don't have to be.